• Faun Kime

Go Anyway!

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

It could have gone badly, this night, back on January 20th.

Somehow, I hadn’t heard in advance there was going to be an epic Super Blood Wolf Moon AND a total lunar eclipse …not to be repeated in my lifetime. Holy Hell! This was something I needed to see! Soo, last minute, I grabbed my backpack with all my camera equipment and headed out to… well… I didn’t know where. My Star Walk app told me the moon was rising NOW, and where it was rising, but argh, I couldn’t see it! I live on the Westside of Los Angeles, so I figured I was going to have to get some elevation… a mountain somewhere!? Ah!…Griffith Observatory …of course!

Into the concrete jungle, at rush hour, I ventured; a mission in sanity suicide. Worse, as I sat there in traffic, I finally located this so-called monster moon off in the horizon through a thick blanket of clouds. Ugh…I was wishing I had stayed at home. But, I ventured on, quite sure the whole thing was a bust. Add to that, when I finally got to Griffith Park, traffic was gridlocked getting up to the observatory. Being the knucklehead that I am, I decided I would hike up to the observatory from Sunset Blvd… in my chucks (ouch), in the dark (no flashlight), with a lot of expensive equipment on back, like some Larson cartoon animal with a target board hanging around my neck.

I’ll cut to the chase. I didn’t get mugged, although it felt dicey as all getout. When I arrived at the top 45 minutes later, about to vomit, soaked in sweat from racing the clock, blisters from my shoes and my 9000 pound backpack, I had a fully renewed confirmation that I was bat-shit crazy.

That’s that thing though, for anything…you gotta go when it’s raining, or dark, or cold, or scary, or you’re sick, or you just don’t want to…otherwise, you won’t have the chance to take the shot. Apply metaphor liberally! And a little crazy never hurt anyone too badly, or usually it doesn’t. 😂

My 1st composite on IG. Moon was actually further north, a little higher in the sky and I took creative license and scaled the moon up because it accurately conveys the otherworldly feeling of the whole experience.