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in theglaciers and the ecosystems they feed has been so fast that they are hard to track. Everything’s been pretty haywire lately.”

USGS glaciologist Shad O’Neel

In the wild places, there's a primal draw.  A throwback to a time I lived hand to mouth, filthy, eating only what I kill.  I use "I" liberally, because there are but mere molecules in me, inherited from ancestors, but they dance, so alive when I stand in the raw of amphitheaters of nature. I am here as testament to my ancestors survival.  

It's not just a deluge of unexpected cold, fresh water, but also hot water that impacts spawning.


My June 2019 visit to Alaska, a normally cool month saw Sockeye Salmon reversing course and swimming back downstream to escape the warm waters. 

As of 2019, all glaciers in Alaska are retreating, including the high-altitude Taku Glacier.  

"Changes in the

This unpredictability can harm salmon-spawning streams and marine life.  

NEPAL: Stories large and small, textures warm and inviting, ancient traditions both inspire and infect the modern life of Nepal.  It is a magic flute, full of contradictions; elevations high and low, enlightenment and poverty, spirituality and debasement, joy and hardship.