Journalism and Climate Change: A conversation about this bad relationship and ideas about what might help

There are some big changes happening on the ol’ “Brace For Impact” blog and I thought I’d introduce them myself in my first ever “vlog!” (mobile users see below)  It’s a bit long, for which I apologize, but as they say: “If I’d had more time, I would have made it shorter.”  I talk about some really important things in my own personal life as well as major issues impacting journalism and the coverage of climate change.  I really, really hope you’ll have the patience to see it to the end where I tell you all about my new project and the business plan associated with it.  I’m really lifting the hood on my operations!  -ha!   Here are the highlights:

  • I’m changing the format of my blog, “Brace for Impact”…and here’s why…
  • I announce my new video series “deLuxe”
  • Backing up, I talk about some of the problems in journalism, especially with respect to climate change coverage and why it led to me creating “Tipping Point.”
  • I look at how everyone is trying to “get it free” …”it” being content, and how journalism suffers as a result and in turn, climate change coverage suffers…and then we all suffer!
  • I talk about the crumbling separation of “church and state” or “editorial and advertising” and how that impacts climate change coverage and how that impacted my decision to cover climate change
  • I tell the story of the evolution of the idea for “Tipping Point.”
  • I talk about the unusual business plan that will hopefully make it a high quality and sustainable series
  • I ask you to PLEASE sign up for my email and spread the word!




And of course…here’s  Week 37’s climate change headlines and extreme weather blog:

Biblical Rains Visit Colorado After a Tour of India, Eastern Europe, Canada and Far East Russia Earlier This Year


NOTE: The above video is apparently not available for mobile devices, so here it is again for mobile users:

Tipping Point from Faun Kime on Vimeo.

    • I have initial funding from a media partner to get the ball rolling. I love Kickstarter and have always wanted to try it some time. Who knows… maybe it will make sense for this project at some point if sponsorship is slow to sign on. Thanks for your wishes!

  1. Hi Faun,
    Love your vlog, your ideas and your tenacity. Good luck! I too am very concerned by climate change. I feel like we (humans) don’t know what we’re getting into. It’s time to challenge the power structures that work to keep us in the dark. You have a story on climate change, it’s how broadcast refuses the subject and views climate as too controversial; when broadcast thrives on controversial, that’s what they do! Expose the lie.

    • Thanks for the note, Jodiah, it really helps knowing others out there feel the same. TV news does thrive on controversy, which is why what little coverage climate change gets is painted as a controversy (when the science is settled). It’s incredibly frustrating considering it’s so important. Anyway, thanks again for your encouragement!

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