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There are some big changes happening on the ol’ “Brace For Impact” blog and I thought I’d introduce them myself in my first ever “vlog!” (mobile users see below)  It’s a bit long, for which I apologize, but as they say: “If I’d had more time, I would have made it shorter.”  I talk about some really important things in my own personal life as well as major issues impacting journalism and the coverage of climate change.  I really, really hope you’ll have the patience to see it to the end where I tell you all about my new project and the business plan associated with it.  I’m really lifting the hood on my operations!  -ha!   Here are the highlights:

  • I’m changing the format of my blog, “Brace for Impact”…and here’s why…
  • I announce my new video series “deLuxe”
  • Backing up, I talk about some of the problems in journalism, especially with respect to climate change coverage and why it led to me creating “Tipping Point.”
  • I look at how everyone is trying to “get it free” …”it” being content, and how journalism suffers as a result and in turn, climate change coverage suffers…and then we all suffer!
  • I talk about the crumbling separation of “church and state” or “editorial and advertising” and how that impacts climate change coverage and how that impacted my decision to cover climate change
  • I tell the story of the evolution of the idea for “Tipping Point.”
  • I talk about the unusual business plan that will hopefully make it a high quality and sustainable series
  • I ask you to PLEASE sign up for my email and spread the word!




And of course…here’s  Week 37’s climate change headlines and extreme weather blog:

Biblical Rains Visit Colorado After a Tour of India, Eastern Europe, Canada and Far East Russia Earlier This Year


NOTE: The above video is apparently not available for mobile devices, so here it is again for mobile users:

Tipping Point from Faun Kime on Vimeo.