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The so-called global warming “debate” is actually not new. As early as 1979 scientists predicted that increasing CO2 levels could have a disastrous impact on our planet. They just couldn’t predict exactly how bad things were going to get. In response, special interest groups for environmentally unfriendly industries began a worldwide campaign to distract us from the facts of the matter.

Stephen Schneider, a former Professor of Environmental Biology and Global Change at Stanford University (among many other accolades), compares this massive misinformation campaign to the 1950s “debate” over the health risks associated with tobacco. The huge majority of scientists who studied the issue found lung cancer correlated with smoking. But “experts” on the payroll of big tobacco deliberately misled the public by asserting that there wasn’t really a scientific consensus on the matter.

Schneider passed away in 2010, but there is still much to be learned from the wealth of information and research he left behind. Climate One did a fantastic video based on one of his lectures. In it, Schneider explains how we’ve managed to go thirty years without much meaningful effort to stop climate change. It’s twelve minutes, but definitely doesn’t feel like it as you watch!

Stephen Schneider