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Chris Jordan is an artist and filmmaker who began a multimedia art project called Midway in 2009- a presentation created to help us understand how our choices affect other life on the planet- even if it’s living thousands of miles away. It began as a photo-essay to document the plight of the Albatross and  has evolved into a crowd-funded, feature length documentary premiering later this year.

Midway Island, in the North Pacific, is 2,000 miles from the nearest continent. But it pays a heavy price for the wanton pollution of the rest of the world. Like other islands in the area, a great deal of discarded plastic washes up on its shores- 20 tons per year, to be exact. Adult albatrosses, a marine bird which nests almost exclusively on the island, unknowingly feed plastic debris to their chicks. The baby albatrosses can’t digest the plastic, which literally fills their stomachs, and they die by the thousands of starvation. All that’s left is feathers, bones, and everything from lighters to ping pong balls.

If these four minutes are any indication, we’re in for something very special when this movie comes out!

Battle for Midway Island